A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Cough Syrup

Various respiratory ailments can result in coughing which can be quite bothersome. It hugely impacts our day-to-day activities as well as general wellbeing.

Moreover, cough is highly contagious. This means that there is a greater chance of spreading it to others once we are affected. This makes it even more essential to treat it right and well in time. With hundreds of options to treat cough, it becomes a rather daunting task to understand the right product for yourself.

Understanding cough syrups

Before buying a cough syrup for immediate relief, we need to understand the type of cough syrups available in the market. There are broadly two types:

  1. Expectorants: You can use these to treat thin and loose mucus so that it is cleared from the airways.
  2. Cough suppressants: You can use these to treat dry and non-productive coughs that lead to discomfort.

Things to consider before buying a cough syrup

  1. Type of cough: Your choice of cough syrup highly depends on whether you are down with a dry or productive cough (mucus).
  2. Ingredients: You need to be considerate of the ingredients present in the syrup. This will help you to eliminate any chances of allergies.
  3. Age and health conditions: Age and any underlying health conditions can greatly impact your decision of buying the right syrup. What may work for a healthy woman may not work for a pregnant or breastfeeding mother. Also, the syrups for babies and kids are to be age appropriate.
  4. Dosage and instructions: Do not overconsume the syrup above and beyond the dose recommended on the package. Any sort of over consumption may lead to some adverse effects.
  5. Doctor’s advice: Before buying your bottle of cough syrup, you may want to consult your doctor for expert advice.

Finding the best cough syrup for immediate relief

To eliminate the discomfort as soon as possible, Leeford has the most efficient cough relieving formula. This ayurvedic medicine works for both types of coughs saving you the trouble to buy different syrups. Also, the mulethi and adrak present in it help in treating sore throat in no time. It also helps with congestion and throat irritation.

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