5 Significant Benefits of Having Triphala Juice Daily

It is now widely known and accepted that all major diseases occur due to stomach or gastrointestinal disturbances. It is the core principle of Ayurveda, written 5000 years ago, and now is scientifically proven also.

Moreover, the digestive tract is the prime source of energy from the food we intake. However, due to some reasons, the process leads to a condition called indigestion or adjourn (an ayurvedic term). If the condition persists, it leads to abdomen pain, constipation, cholesterol levels, hypertension, low immunity, hunger concerns, and many more.

Furthermore, to treat these problems, one of the potential solutions is to add Triphala juice to your daily diet. Yes, the ayurvedic remedy Triphala contains Amla, Haritaki, and Bhibitaki. It is reckoned as the most significant herbal amalgamation to treat many health issues.

Read on the immense benefits of Triphala juice.

Promotes Gastrointestinal movements: The juice helps in relaxing and contracting stomach muscles. It further contributes to absorbing and digesting nutrients effectively and without any side effects.

Builds Immunity: Triphala juice aids in building immunity as well as forming antibodies to fight several diseases. It also combats the entry of pathogens into the body.

Supports Digestion: The juice plays a key role in improving digestion. It assists in reducing the waste from the digestive system that increases the colon’s absorption functions that ultimately effective bowel movements. The Triphala juice helps in supporting and regulating digestive regularity.

Serves as an Antioxidant: Triphala has antioxidant and anti-tumor properties. Amla, one of the prime constituents of Triphala, is highly rich in vitamin C. It further helps in improving lipoprotein profiles that regulate cholesterol levels. Also, the presence of tannins in Amla displays effective antioxidant properties of Triphala.   

Anti-bacterial Properties: Triphala has gained a competent place given its anti-bacterial properties. As per a study, Triphala restricts the development of streptococcus, a bacterium that causes tooth decay. You can wash your mouth with the juice for substantial tooth protection.

Besides these, Triphala helps treat constipation, promote hair growth, maintain healthy vision, and much more. So, if you’re looking for authentic Triphala juice, get it from Leeford. Our products are Organic & without added flavors, chemicals, or colors. The healthcare organization offers it all from personal care, baby care, nutritional supplements, and general well-being.   

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